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Lead/Head Instructor- Simon Lecuas


Simon has dedicated his life to learning and teaching outdoor living skills.


Simon initially worked as a gamekeeper on a local Yorkshire estate before joining the U.K. military. He left active service to become a civilian military instructor, teaching survival, bushcraft and field craft to a broad range of military personnel.  After a brief return to game keeping he returned to military instructing, which he did for over 20 years. He then worked for East riding council teaching Bushcraft to schools. Simon also worked with local cadet and scout groups giving lessons on bushcraft. He presently works as a freelance Bushcraft instructor and is an active member of the local Bushcraft and Primitive Skills community.


For over 30 years he has been practicing and learning Wildcraft skills to then teach them to a wide client base, so has excellent outdoor teaching and group leading skills. Simon’s core expertise lies in “primitive living skills”, such as wild food, (from plant lore to game trapping), natural shelter building, firecraft and woodcraft.




Assistant Instructor- Andrew Armstrong


Andrew started wild camping at 14 and has been passionate about all things outdoor ever since. A keen walker, bush crafter and climber he spends most of his spare time practicing and learning Wildcraft skills.


From his early youth, all combined, he has spent over a year of his life wild camping, practicing techniques in all seasons and conditions. He has learned and practiced survival and primitive living skills, been fascinated with the bounty our Neolithic ancestors used to live and thrive. Andy is a voluntary ranger for the North York Moors National Park and helps runs the local outdoor shop, Trailblazer Outdoors, with his brother Neil.



Assistant Instructor James Gomersal


James is a long-standing friend and student of Simon’s. A carpenter by trade with a passion for the outdoors, his enthusiasm for learning and practicing bushcraft skills is infectious! His skills as a carpenter give him an excellent understanding of sharp tool use and a formidable ability to sharpen any tool.


James has spent many hours studying and researching fire by friction and stands as one of the best fire-drill practitioners in the UK. His studies continue into this fascinating field and he has recently made some interesting discoveries in the use of the fire-plough. The ability to light fires, carrying only knowledge into the woods, is an ancient skill and one James will re-ignite in any student.



We are very lucky to have some great volunteer assistant instructors. They are here to help you and learn and practice techniques. They all have an interest in wildcraft and bring some great skills and abilities. Pictured is Abigail with her husband, assistant instructor James, two long standing friends and students of Simon.




meet the team...

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