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Foraging Foray

Can’t see the trees for the woods? Starting to learn the amazing wild plants of the UK is a liberating experience.  Let us help guide you through the forest and hedgerow and introduce to you some of the myriad of helpful plants. From incredible edibles to healing herbs, tall giants to the humblest herb. All have a place and many have a use, both in the contemporary kitchen and in the bushcrafters repertoire.

We will also look at the myriad of animal signs, leading to an understanding of what makes its home locally.

A great way to start a wider interaction with the natural world and a life long passion for plant.


Introduction to Bushcraft

A great overview of UK Bushcraft skills. We cover three basic areas, Shelter, Fire, and foraging.

From making a natural shelter to putting up a hammock and basher. The basics of Firecraft from lighting through to safe extinguishing.  A look at local plants and their uses, from medicinal/edible to practical.

The best experience is to take the overnight option, spending a night in the wounderful woods.

Its a busy day, but you will learn a lot about how you can interact with the Nature and start a journey that can last a lifetime.


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Family Bushcraft

A closeness to nature is essential for physical and mental wellbeing. That relationship is best started at a young age.This course is aimed at family groups with under 18’s. It has a similar format to the Introduction course, but aimed at younger peoples learning requirements. That said, its 100% bushcraft and we cover some serious ground. Shelter, firecraft and foraging are all covered. While we have no minimum age, we recommend participants are 10 or over, to get most from the day. All under 18’s must be accompanied by a responsible family member. Treat you and your family to a true outdoor experience.




Fire Craft (Fire Lighting)


There are many ways to light a fire, both modern and ancient, from Bow Drill to Iron Pyrites and flint, modern Firesteels to the humble match. We will look at all and practice what you are most interested in. We will look at fire management, from wood and tinder selection and collection. Different types of fire will be described, from cooking to quick brew fires to over night heating fires. Most importantly we will look at how to extinguish your fire and leave no trace. Such a bushcraft fundamental and one that has varied techniques to study.




Survival For Walkers


Skills for walkers who find themselves temporarily misplaced!

While walking in Scotland you take a wrong turn and find yourself out of phone signal and time. Would you have a comfortable safe night or a miserable cling to existence? We take you through the skills needed to spend a safe and more enjoyable unexpected night on the hill. We show you how a few items and a bit of bushcraft knowledge can make a big difference to your chances of a good, safe night. This is an overnight course and you will get the chance to practice your new bushcraft skills in a controlled and managed environment. Watch our promotional video below.





Course Contents


A one day course runs from 10am till 4pm and an overnight course runs from 10am on day one till 1pm the following afternoon. (We can accommodate longer sessions by arrangement).


The above courses are an example of what we have to offer. If you have a specific area of interest, we are happy to tailor to your requirements.




If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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