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Winter Bushcraft

By Andrew Armstrong, Dec 11 2017 12:06PM

Bushcraft is a year round skill set. Each season has its own challenges and knowledge base, a new lens to view your skills through. Winter is one such time, often misunderstood, but still undoubtedly the most demanding of the seasons. That said, its one of my favorites, each time it snows, or there’s a hard frost, it gives me the desire to go camping in the woods and mountains.

The test of the skills, bushcraft, mountain craft, are no more in effect than in these times. The rewards are also the greatest, the views of the wilds transformed by the changing of our liquid water to hard ice and soft snow.

The crackle of a warm fire, prepared and harvested form the wild is so rewarding and more welcome than at any other time of year. The ability to move and exist safely in the more extreme temperatures is a great experience and the knowledge base takes many years to build and appreciate. The UK has a harder winter than many who live here appreciate, as our temperatures hang just above freezing, allowing for high humidity and lots of liquid water to pull the warmth right out of you. We have had both Canadian’s and Norwegian’s in the shop, complaining about the cold, having just left minus 20 Celsius. It’s the damp that gets them. So never underestimate our climate, it has more challenges than you might think. Give me minus five over plus five any day!

We have had a number of warm, damp winters recently, but this one, so far, is shaping up to be a cold one, I just hope I get the chance to test those hard fought winter bushcraft skills!

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