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Firecraft- an essentail Bushcraft skill

By Andrew Armstrong, Mar 31 2016 02:41PM

This weekend the wildcraft team will be looking at the classic bushcraft skill of creating and maintaining fire, known as Fire craft. Fire craft is arguably our oldest foray into “advanced technology”. Fire starts as a privilege and ends in a responsibility. In Fire Craft we start with modern, convenient techniques and then take a tour though the ages, stopping off at the Iron Age and ending at the Neolithic. The privilege is heat, light and entertainment. With heat we can cook food, purify water and modify the materials we find in our environment. With the light we can extend our day activities, carving and producing goods from the resources we have found. Not only is the fire your “bush TV” but also it’s a focal point for a group to gather and socialise. The responsibility is to make sure the fire is contained and when finished with, the remains are processed so as to leave no trace or lasting scar. A great and essential outdoors skill and one that is central to bushcraft practice.

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