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Family Bushcraft

By Andrew Armstrong, Aug 8 2016 11:51AM

In our relatively short time on the planet, we have spent most of it in what might be called a tribal existence. In a sense, modern communities still have a tribal structure and our close social groups are estimated to still remain around the 40 mark. This said, the essence of any community is made from families, the basic building block of society. Our hunter gather ancestors would have started their apprenticeship young, learning the basic aspects of wilderness living, the foundation blocks to allow them to learn the advanced techniques of adulthood. Even today, children are taught a huge amount by their parents and immediate family, something that can often be underestimated.

Family Bushcraft is a chance for that most fundamental unit to come together and learn and practice new skills. It can be a great way for families to connect and share with each other.

We have lived in nature for millennia, only recently isolating ourselves from that most important wild space. Seeing children and adults re-connect and thrive in our once home is one of the most rewarding experiences as a bushcraft instructor. It is also a rewarding experience for the families, giving them at the least a great family memory and at the most a reconnection with each other and their founding environment.

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