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Accessing our wild and remote places can be one of the most rewarding experiences life has to offer.  It can also prove challenging and demands certain skills, often called Bushcraft. To comfortably sleep in the close company of nature and to begin to understand her rich bounty takes time and learning.


Our mission at Trailblazer Wildcraft is to help you realise these ambitions, and many more, allowing you to gain Wildcraft, Survival and Bushcraft skills. These will enable you to enjoy the outdoors and take yourself on a rewarding journey of personal discovery.

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Why 'Wildcraft' instead of Bushcraft?


The great Outdoorsman Horace Kephart coined the phrase ‘Wildcraft’ at the turn of the last century. He said:


      “we need a generic term to express the art, in general, of getting on well in wild

        regions of any and all kinds, whether in forest, deserts, mountains, plains tropics

        or arctics; and for this I would suggest the plain English compound wildcraft”.


From mountain biking to mountaineering, bushcraft to hiking, it covers it all!


At Trailblazer Wildcraft we want you to enjoy your outdoors time and aim to introduce new dimensions of understanding into your experiences of our wild and remote places using ancient and modern bushcraft skills.

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